Covered practice field with illumination for punching up to 250 meters.

  • 16 tees of practice
  • Carpets for both left-handed and right-handed players
  • Short iron tees
  • Medium tees for wood
  • Large tees for driving
  • Up to 6,000 ball vending machine. Works with no-expiration card, for 24-ball charges.


  • 9 holes to practice putting
  • Chipping zone
  • Zone to practice shots from the bunker


In order to achieve a good fitting of golf clubs with different mounds and rods, it is necessary to analyze the results obtained in the dynamic analysis by means of radar regarding:

  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed
  • Ball exit angle
  • Ball rotation
  • Flight distance
  • Stick performance
  • Deviation
  • Ball impact point on the club face

Along with a static player analysis in which you get:

  • Player height
  • Stance angle
  • Hands measurement
  • Player's complement
  • An analysis of weight distribution in the stick.

All of this allows us to make the stick that each player needs correctly to get maximum performance of the stick and greater ease of play.