Team Fora Límits

The opening of Can Mascaró Pitch & Putt at the end of 2015 has opened the doors to the Fora Límits team, which since its founding in 2004 has participated in the maximum competition for teams from Pitch & Putt Interclubs in Catalonia as a 'team without field'. The story of both the camp and the team is very close, as one of their members, Manel Sánchez, has been one of the promoters of the project of this great field, which is already a reality. Thus, the first team of Pitch & Putt Can Mascaró, officially known as Fora Limits Can Mascaró, was born from this union.

Fora Limits has participated for more than 10 seasons in -Interclubs- the maximum competition for teams of the Pitch & Putt de Catalunya, alternating 1st and 2nd division. It is composed of a group of friends who are passionate about the P&P and is currently composed of 14 members. The current President and founder is Ernesto Romo Rodriguez. The current captain, and also the founder, is Xavier Tosca Vila.

The team's goal in its ‘new premiere’ is to promote first division, and for this purpose it has for the first time the magnificent facilities of Pitch & Putt Can Mascaró, with the professional advice of its resident teacher, Óscar Sánchez and with the experience and level of its members. We want to take advantage of these lines to thank all those great friends who have been through this team. They will always be part of your story and of us!